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His Story

His Story


brag·​ga·​do·​cio | \ ˌbra-gə-ˈdō-sē-ˌō , -shē-, -chē-, -(ˌ)shō, -(ˌ)chō \
plural braggadocios

Definition of braggadocio

1a: empty boasting
b: arrogant pretension : COCKINESS


“There is NO empty boasting here.  If I have the audacity to put it out there, I can back it up with work and by putting in work! Cocky? Arrogant? Pretentious? Only when it comes to my music. I can hang with the best of them.


The End.”

Braggadocio, owner of Unheard

Hello future patrons. Here come Braggadocio… coming at you with as much musical heat as you all can stand. It has been a long time coming for this, as there is no better time than now to compress and impress your ear drums with the kind of music you have been missing.

Originally from Pine Bluff, AR and now residing in Dallas, TX, Braggadocio has been producing music for 28 years. Damn… it is long over due.

A student of the game since the age of 12, Braggadocio has danced, participated in cyphers, and noted as one of the founding members of the defunct group Metamorphosis as a producer, writer, and engineer. He has always had a love for music and knows what real music sounds like.

He is here for the Boom Bap, Neo-Soul, R&B, Lo-Fi and Chill, and even some Trap music.

Sonically, Here is an idea of what he is about below…


He is here to follow his dreams by getting  paid to do what he loves:

Make Music.


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